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Welcome to Miss Breeden's Wiki
I am thrilled to be in my third year as an AK Knight! I will try my best to keep this wiki updated with class and departmental information. Please check back often for updates! :)


Exam Review Powerpoint

Look over your notes on the things listed in the powerpoint. :)



Intermediate Theatre Cultural Connections Project

B Day Due Thursday, May 8
A Day Due Friday, May 9

Satisfies the following Essential Standards:
  1. I.CU.1.1 Use theatre arts to explore concepts of civics and economics, such as systems, functions, structures, democracy, economies, and interdependence.
  2. I.CU.1.2 Exemplify the concepts of civics and economics through the creation of theatrical works.

Select a location whose theatrical traditions you will explore OR a type of American production company to explore.

Create a visual/aural/written presentation that will help the class to understand how your chosen location operates within the economic community of which it is a part.

Prepare a sample of the type of theatre typically produced in this location/by this type of company (original or video).

Prepare and bring in a sample of the type of food enjoyed by people who live in your location OR something that may be a concession at your type of theatre.

Theatre Critique Paper Requirements

Remember, Beginning Theatre students will watch and critique 1 play, Intermediate- 2, Proficient and Advanced- 3.
Honors students must turn in one Theatre Critique paper before the end of the third quarter. All others are due on the last class day before final exams. It is suggested that students see AK shows and write about them. Upcoming: Seussical (March 20-22) and The Diary of AnneFrank (May 16-17).

Intermediate Theatre Students

Here's a copy of the Newspaper assignment:


Please click the link below to submit your bio for the program. We will accept bios through Sunday, February 16. This is a firm deadline, so please spread the word.
Submit Bio Here

Theatre Class Auditions for 2014-2015!

Auditions are now underway!

Auditions for theatre classes will be this week during lunches on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Current theatre students should bring their registration card, their journal, their best work from first semester, and a monologue. Non-theatre students should bring their registration card and be prepared with a monologue. An appointment can be made for an after school audition, but this must be arranged with Mr. Gabbard and Miss Breeden in advance. Break legs!

Shakespeare Recitation Team

Congratulations the following students for making the Shakespeare Recitation team! We are excited to spend the next couple months working to perfect your pieces! Remember to keep practicing over break on your sonnet and monologue. Please pay attention to the announcements for info about when we are meeting next and when registration forms and fees will be due.

Madelyn DePodesta
Maina Edula
Jubitza Figueroa
Mary Lueng
Jake McHugh
Erica Muensterman
Rebecca Pu
Nikko Smith
Samhitha Sunkara
Micah Stubbs
Rachel Wainscott
Alex Woodcook


We are thrilled to announce the cast of Seussical!

Intermediate Theatre Screenplay Formatting Resource

Use the script on this page as a guide. :)


Beginning Theatre Vocal Tract Project and Labeling Quiz info!

(thanks, Finn!)
Create a 5 minute warmup that addresses: Relaxation, Breathing, Articulation, and Projection. This must be a written plan, preferably typed. Be prepared to lead the class through this warmup.
2A and 4A OPTION B: Create a Children's Book that explains in detail how the vocal tract works to produce sound. This should look like a completely polished and finished project.

Here's the powerpoint that includes all of the parts you'll need to be able to label. Remember, you need to be prepared to name the part and tell what it does.
The black and white diagram (NOT the "realistic drawing" OR the actual MRI, but the very simple diagram) is what you will need to label in class on Wednesday and Thursday.

Congratulations to the cast of Romeo and Juliet!

Congratulations to the casts of Den of Liars and The Social Networth!

Den of Liars

Mandy: Hannah Javidi
Joel: George Chaprastian
Rob: DaShaun Singleton
Francis "The Effect": Tucker Brooks
Kevin: Connor Nielsen
Cory: Parker Stone
Josh: Graham Prevatte
Male Voice: Jacob Bollacke
Female Voice: Rachel Buksbazen

The Social Networth

This is an ensemble cast, and as such, we will work with different roles and assign specifics throughout the rehearsal process.
Mckenzie Wilson
Jackie Lloyd
Justyce Williams
Mary Grace McKusick
Tucker Brooks
Clay Harrison
Nick Pardo
Devon Bucey

Thank you to everyone who came out to audition! You made our job really challenging! :)

Our first rehearsal will be on Monday, September 9 in the theatre room! We are excited about working with all of you!

Parents, please click here and fill out our information form. We appreciate you taking the time to do this for us.